Thursday, July 9, 2015

#70 Days Lesson Planning Comparing Examples

#EduRead has been discussing Make It Stick by Peter Brown.  The conversations online have been fascinating, full of great ideas, thought-provoking questions, and more!

Tonight the big issue was "giving notes."  Do we provide too much information in giving notes?  In giving notes, are we doing the thinking for the students?  When should students decide for themselves what notes to write down?

In a previous chapter, we noted a key strategy for learning that sticks is to compare/contrast examples.  I made this note that night:  "What’s happening in these two examples?  How are they alike?  How are they different?  What rules or procedures can you identify as essential to both?"

It was a "just-in-time" discussion because I've been working on lesson plans for our first unit: absolute value functions and solving equations/inequalities.  I decided that instead of giving notes, I would give sets of 2 worked out examples and elicit procedures from students.  Tonight I put that idea in a Google presentation.  I may upload it to Nearpod ... thinking about using it as a guided homework assignment so that we can spend class on inequalities (trickier) and extra practice.

Here is the Google version ... and always, your feedback is much appreciated.

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