Friday, July 17, 2015

#70 Days #FridayBlog

I started making posters for my classroom today ... designing them ... now just need to find a good way to get them printed.

There are only three so far.  The content comes from the book Make It Stick by Peter Brown.  We've been discussing it at #eduread ... my favorite online Twitter Chat.

This is my second time to read the book and I'm hoping to spend a little more time this summer digesting it, and figuring out how to implement key ideas in my classroom.  One goal I have is to teach students how to quiz themselves as they are learning.

I wrote about this book in a previous post ... check it out there.  Also look back for more posters in a couple of weeks.

Heading out to the beach in the morning ... hoping to relax on sand for a while with my extended family!  Excited to be on our way!

 Brown, P. (n.d.). Make it stick: The science of successful learning

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