Saturday, February 14, 2015

Connected Learning #youredustory

Random thoughts ... connected learning ...

Our tech coach sent out an email about an opportunity to win a free pass to SXSWEDU ... I ignored it the first day because my brain was tired.  And I couldn't think of connections.  BUT I wanted to go to that conference ... so I petitioned my principal for the money.  She said they might be able to find it ... and suggested I check with IT for funding.  Yep, the tech coach came back at me ... friendly, encouraging, always my cheerleader ... apply for the free pass!  I bet you'll get it.  Here are some things I know you are doing!  So I put together this slide show representing some of the tech-y stuff in Room 626.  I now have a free pass ... which is awesome ... but how does that relate to connected learning???

Well ... connected learning "focuses on the experience of the learner. It seeks to uncover the kinds of social relationships, experiences, and access to knowledge and communities that we all need to have in order to thrive in an era where these forms of information and social connection are very abundant."

In the example I led with, I was the learner!  My tech coach focused her attention on my experiences; she helped me uncover what I needed to know, to do, to experience in order to be successful!  Our work together is relational, just-in-time support, and focused on growth of the individual.

Connected learning isn't so much about the technology as it is about building relationships, between people, between people and curriculum, between diverse curriculum topics, between school and the world outside.

Yes, I'm connected ... Facebook, Twitter, Instagram .. and yes, I use technology in my classroom.  But connected learning is more than the hardware, applications ... it's about the learner!  What will cause these challenging, abstract math concepts to make sense?  How can I connect abstract math with my students' world?  And so we use technology but also M'nM's, wikki stix, dice, marbles, whiteboards and more!

Connected learning is about transformative experiences ... abstract math, students, and the world around us!,. 'Frequently Asked Questions | Connected Learning'. N.p., 2015. Web. 14 Feb. 2015.

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