Thursday, September 11, 2014

Review Stations - Worked Well!

The past two days we have been reviewing our first unit on the foundations of functions.

I used these stations below.  I found ideas in our textbook and online.  Students worked in teams of five students to help one another complete each station in less than 10 minutes.  The conversations were awesome.  I loved hearing students help one another understand key concepts.  I believe we are ready for our first test!


  1. In no. 3 you have "Find a regression equation."
    Would this be a linear regression equation or a quadratic regression equation ?
    Since two minutes of thinking followed by 5 minutes of action would give the progression rule and the missing values up to 10 at least, it should be clear that this is not linear.
    I wonder how many observed that the sequence is
    and so on.
    Also, what conclusions should be drawn from the estimate for 7 ?

    1. Most students realized that it was quadratic. They all graphed the points first on their calculators to observe the shape of the graph. A few questioned if it could be exponential.