Tuesday, July 1, 2014

#70Days Typical Summer Tuesdays

Trying out a photo journal of my Tuesday mornings ... 

As I sip my coffee in the morning, I'm grateful for this heavy mug. Its design is simple and substantial. It isn't dainty - it is hefty with a comforting weight. The cup is cream colored with a simple brown band around the bottom. It is labeled with "Fox & Obel." Fox & Obel is a gourmet market in Chicago (http://www.fox-obel.com/). I'm reminded of the trip I took with a colleague from work ... a friend ... and our adventures while attending the conference in Chicago.  We enjoyed exploring the market - gathered our dinner there on more than one occasion - feasted on the sights and smells in the deli - captured our memory in the purchase of the mug. I'm grateful this morning for those memories!

The newest room in our house is the enclosed patio.  It is the perfect sitting spot!  You feel like you are outside - without the heat or the insects.  It's comfy and filled with light.  It's only drawback is it encourages me to be a couch potato!  

My mornings with my favorite cup, favorite coffee, on the patio ... nothing could be sweeter!

The grandsons usually arrive about nine on Tuesdays.  They spread joy and laughter wherever they are!

On this day, we donned capes ... chose building blocks that looked like weapons and ran around the house destroying one another.  The chase game morphed into hide and seek.  What's fun is the littlest one wants to hide but at the same time he wants to be found ... so he hides in plain sight most often. 

After a bit of indoor play we headed to the pool.
We splashed, swam, and played for an hour or so.  Both boys love the water.  The older one swims well - can swim all over the pool!  The younger prefers that someone holds on to him while he uses his flotation vest.  This summer they especially like the "water blasters" ... especially if they get to aim them at grandma!

After a swim in the pool it was rest time (for me, especially!).  So we fixed lunch, ate in the living room, and turned on the cartoons.  The boys have a limit on TV time and it's grandma's privilege to provide a few minutes of animation!  Today I introduced them to the animated series the Clone Wars since Star Wars is a favorite Lego toy.  As soon as the older one saw the intro he immediately recognized it from the books he read.

Last we played toys ... Legos are definitely a favorite.  The boys are also played with the cars that have sat neglected for several months.  It's fun to watch their interests shift and turn.

The boys' mom arrived ... and the house was suddenly quiet!  This has been my Tuesday mornings since school let out ... great fun!

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