Thursday, July 10, 2014

#70Days: Growth Mindset!

WOW!  Our #EduRead conversations have been amazing the past few weeks.  This week it was an engaging conversation around growth mindset.  The participants shared awesome resources!

I decided to gather the resources here so that I can find them easily in the next few weeks!

First of all, take time to read the article that prompted our conversation: Even Geniuses Work Hard.  If you haven't had a chance to read C. Dweck's book, Mindset, now is a great time to get started! Also, if you get a chance to take Jo Boaler's course on How to Learn Math, that is definitely worthwhile as well! And if you need a shortcut, check out this packet!

Good mathematics is NOT how many answers you know  –  but how you behave when you don’t know. (See post!)

How to inspire growth mindset in our classrooms:

  1. Help students identify their mindset - use a "quiz" like this one or this one or this one or this one!
  2. Teach the vocabulary.  Put these words on the board, "Word Splash," and ask students to categorize them:  ability, attitude, challenge, effort, fixed mindset, grit, growth mindset, intelligence.
  3. Share a picture book, The Most Magnificent Thing by Spires
  4. Share videos about making mistakes and overcoming: Peter Parker, Michael Jordan, Other Famous Failures
  5. Share your own failures!
  6. Ask students to write about learning something new and the mistakes, failures they encountered (riding a bike, skating, ??)
  7. Create a "failure quote wall" and share mistakes made!
  8. Share a quote of the week!  See examples here, here, and here!
  9. Be careful what you say ... use this feedback tool!
I plan to make a "no sew banner" for my classroom with one or both of these phrases:
Maybe, just maybe, I'll have that banner ready for a #made4math entry this summer!
By the way, check out the post, the video, and the article on the power of yet!

What great resources do you use to promote, encourage, inspire a growth mindset!?!


  1. Beth thank you so much for this awesome post! I want to incorporate growth mindset into my classroom this year and you have provided me some new resources to check out. I'm sorry I missed the chat last night. Darn baseball.

    1. Hi Sherrie - baseball with the kiddos is essential! The chat was awesome and the resources I listed are all thanks to the participants! I am sure there will be an archive of the conversation!

      Love your pinterest boards!