Monday, June 23, 2014

#Made4Math: Cornell Notes ... work in progress

I struggle with note taking ... and note giving.  When I was in school, I had a particularly good memory.  If I listened in class, I rarely needed to write anything down.  And my notes were haphazard at best.

In my teaching I realize that I don't like routines ... I like for each day to be a bit different than the day before ... so giving notes usually looks somewhat different.  And I often prefer a discovery type lesson so I don't give notes per se.

But I realize that some students would benefit from learning how to take notes and from a consistent pattern to those notes.  I've been thinking about learning preferences this week and I want to do all I can to meet the needs of my students.

So I'm thinking about writing out my teaching notes in a specific format ... using Cornell style notes.  And I want to teach students how to use this format as well.

With that in mind I've written out notes for the first few class days in our first unit on the foundation of functions.  I'm sharing these "notes" as my #made4math submission.  I would love your feedback.

Cornell Notes Folder  (You have to download to see the notes in the correct formatting)

Already one team member has asked why the "fill in the blank" mode - seems so scripted.  I chose this model for the first unit to help students with structure.  I also wanted them to have a clear basis of information about functions before we jumped into the rest of the units!

In the next unit I want to use sentence stems.  In the third unit, maybe just provide questions.  In the fourth unit students might be on their own with some guidance from me as needed.

Even while I post this particular note, I am conflicted about interactive notebooking.  It looks like so much fun ... and yet it also looks like it takes so much time.  Your thoughts?

One more caveat ... I would not start the lesson by reading and filling in the blanks to these notes.  We will start with an activity on each day and then go to the notes and discuss the words.

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