Saturday, June 21, 2014

#70Days no place like home!

Day 16/70

We are home again, wrapped up, packed up our family beach vacation this morning.  We had a very relaxing time at the beach.  I took long breaks from technology - I'm behind in reading blogs, responding on Twitter - and that's OK.  I read multiple books this week.  I'd stack them up and snap a picture but they are on the Kindle (the one technology that was in my hands much of the week).  We played outside, in the pool, on the beach.  I have a little sunburn from the one hour I chose to take a walk without lathering up first.  It will heal in a few days.  There were twelve of us, 10 adults, 2 children, representing 4 generations.  So ... so ... so ... much ... fun!

And yet, you know how it is when you walk into your house after having been away a few days ... so good to be home!  There's no place like home!

My devotional thought today has centered around the blessing of prayer.  As we prepared to leave this morning, I checked Facebook on my phone, and saw several requests for prayer from family and friends.  As I responded with just the simple text, "praying!" I was reminded how it is a privilege to pray for others. Taking a moment to consider the needs, asking the Father to supply those needs, and thanking him for his faithfulness in our lives - brings a measure of satisfaction!

This week I look forward to catching up on blogs and sharing what I am learning. I also plan to start working just a little bit each day on lesson planning for the fall.  I want to pull the ideas I'm finding into some meaningful format!

And now to unpack a bag and read a bit ... soak up the last minutes of the vacation state of mind!

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