Wednesday, June 25, 2014

#70Days: Clicking on Resources 4


Devotional phrase this morning comes from our community Bible study last night: There is no spiritual growth without choice.

This summer I decided to blog the 70 days of summer break.  I also decided to share a glimpse of my spiritual journey as well as my professional one.  This choice I made to share a bit of my spiritual journey is more about the discipline of making a daily note than anything else. 

Spiritual growth doesn't just happen.  It has to be nurtured.  I read a lot about health, well-being, and whole foods so that I have the knowledge needed to care for my physical self.  Spiritual growth requires a similar effort.  

I've been studying Ephesians 1:3-14 for several days.  Today the verb that catches my attention is "made known."  God has made known the mystery of his will.  We have insight into this mystery as our relationship to the Father grows.  What was once covered has now been uncovered and available to us!

Professionally I've been collecting resources this week.  There are too many of them to catalogue completely but at least I'll have a few to review during the school year when I am feeling the need for help!

Mathequalslove has been blogging about the workshops she is attending.  She provides a number of interesting resources in her latest blog but the one I am bookmarking excitedly is "Contrasting Cases."  She provides the link to a whole set of exercises!  I can't wait to use these in my classroom!

@druinok has also been blogging about the workshops she is attending!  This week she is attending AVID training.  Yesterday she blogged about summarization.  I was intrigued enough to google summarizing in math class.  This resource popped up in my search.  I like having lists of activities to try ... keeping this list with my planning materials.

One of the hot topics in our school is problem based learning.  This summer I am collecting short problem-based learning ideas - starter problems to incorporate in our curriculum.  Emergent Math has already put together some excellent ideas!

I'm enjoying the ThingLink Challenge this summer, learning to use this tool, pondering how best to use it with students.  Here is my latest creation - about the vocabulary of an ellipse.  What I like about it is I can embed not only links to informative websites, but also to interactive tools like online quizzes, flash cards, and even more open-ended tools like padlet.

Today is Wednesday ... be sure to join us for #EduRead tonight at 8 pm central time!  Check out Read, Chat, Reflect for the link to the article we are discussing.

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