Saturday, April 19, 2014

Volunteered to Present ... Feeling Anxious

Our district provides 2 weeks of summer professional development.  It's in late July, early August.  The big idea strands include research-based instructional strategies, building relationships, the aligned district curriculum, blended environment, assessment, and data.  The leaders in the district will be presenting obviously.  Then they sent out request for proposals to the district in general ... and I submitted mine.

Two years ago we moved to Texas.  I left a district I had served for 16 years.  In those years I was teacher, gifted ed consultant, assistant principal, and principal.  I loved it there, loved my work, loved the kids, teachers, parents!  In the move, I decided to return to the classroom teaching high school math.  It's been quite the journey.

I was anxious in returning to the classroom so I began hunting the internet for ideas.  That's when I ran into the MTBoS ... an impressive group of math teachers who share their joys, woes, and lesson plans!

In my proposal to present this summer, I have offered to take teachers on a tour of the MTBoS!  I also offered to share ideas for spicing up the math conversations in their classrooms by sharing sites like Estimation 180, Visual Patterns, and more.

I am looking forward to sharing the wealth of resources.  I'd love your ideas for making this presentation well worth their attendance!

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