Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Flipping the classroom

In the midst of our study of functions we will take a two-day detour to learn how to manipulate rational exponents.

I decided that this 2-day unit would be the perfect time to try flipping the classroom.  The unit is skill-based, and I want students to have as much class time to practice as possible.  The notes are simple to give via video.

The preparation for the unit is huge.  I'm spending a lot of time preparing the stations we will use in class as well as planning the examples I want to put in the videos.

The outline of the stations looks like this:

Day 1 ... simplifying expressions with rational exponents

  • Manga High 
  • Card Sort
  • Search 'n Shade practice
Day 2 ... solving equations with rational exponents
  • Edmodo challenge problems (EOC style)
  • Error Analysis
  • Solving Practice

I'll share the bits and pieces soon.  I left most of the work today on my school computer.  The unit starts Friday ... so I need to step up the preparation!


  1. Hey Beth,

    I'd love to learn how the flipped experience works for you. I see the benefits, but I have some reservations as well.

    1. Mary - I'll let you know how it goes. We had a snow day Friday which would have been day 1. I'm emailing my students to remind them how important it is to take the notes before class.

      I will say it has felt like a lot of work ... partly because I share my room so getting to use my equipment to make the videos is challenging, and creating the stations was hard. I wanted a little different practice than my teammates have planned.