Monday, August 5, 2013

Made4Math ... First Pages of Notebook Plan

I've been inspired by several bloggers who are sharing their notebook plans and outlines for the first day of school.

I have decided to use a 3-ring binder this year for our math notebook.  I discovered last year that I really don't like tape and glue.  And we have a print shop in our school district that does most of our printing for us ... they will print on hole-punch paper.  So ... I'm going to give this a go!

The first pages of my notebook plan are posted here.  If you have ideas or suggestions please post your thoughts in the comments!  


  1. Thanks for sharing these files. When I downloaded them, and saw your page about mathematical processes I thought you might want to check out the posters I created for my blog post today. If you get a chance drop by and download them. I think you might be able to use them!

    1. I appreciate your stopping by and commenting! YES, I love your posters! Thank you for sharing!


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