Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Your "Go-To" for Inspiration and Encouragement

School ended a week ago, and I'm beginning to settle into a summer routine.  I am rediscovering some blogs that I had put on the back burner during the school year.  These blogs are not about teaching math.  After all to be well rounded we need to read from other disciplines!

I'm curious what blogs you follow!

Jeff Goins is a writer.  Recently he published a book entitled Wrecked, and his next book, The In-Between is due out at the end of July.  In his blog he writes about writing and he also writes to help communicators of all kinds work at their craft more effectively. Recently I was reading his post, "Stop Waiting to Be Picked."   Goins writes, "The real trick is to not wait, but to pick yourself. To “turn pro” in your head. To believe you can do what you’re asking others to believe about you."  Early in this past school year I had to put this into practice.  I knew that I was a successful teacher. I had years of experience to support that.  But after being out the classroom for several years and being in a new placement, I had lost my confidence.  I follow Jeff Goins's blog for inspiration and insight!

Michael Hyatt's blog is about intentional leadership.  Today I listened to his blog (yes, listened - he podcasts!) about creating focus.  He enumerated 10 tactics for creating focus for completing projects. As I listened I wondered how I could best teach students how to create focus.  I plan on sharing some of Hyatt's strategies and my own with my students. Teachers are leaders within the classroom, and beyond.  Hyatt's blog is a great go-to resource for encouragement and leadership know-how.

The High Calling is a collective blog - a posting a daily resources by various authors.  They also have a Facebook page which is how I choose to follow their postings.  Yesterday, I was reading "Three Reflective Questions to Improve Your Job Performance."  Since the summer is an extended reflective period for me I appreciated the questions - especially the second one: "What else could you be doing that no one else could do?" During the past year I just kept my nose above water - it was a challenging year.  But as I reflect on my work, my PLC, the school, I know there are contributions I could make - unique to my skill set.  Again ... I choose to follow The High Calling for inspiration, encouragement and a reminder that my work is a calling - not just a job.

So I'm curious, what blogs do you follow?  Where do you go for inspiration and encouragement outside of the math blogosphere?

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