Friday, June 28, 2013

#MakeOverMonday Week 3 Bedroom Carpet ... Let's Save Money!

Dan Meyer has published his third #MakeOverMonday textbook revision challenge - Bedroom Carpet.  Check it out here!  (Hmmmm ... the problem says her sunroom, OK?)

There are two things I notice about the problem.

  • First, the dimensions in the scenario are all in customary measurements and the picture is in meters.  My first revision would be to change the measurements on the diagram to customary measurements.  If I see that the prices are described in customary measurements, I am going to measure my room with feet/yards ... not meters!
  • The second thing that catches my eye is this sentence, "Lesa wants to lay out the carpet so the nap is running in the same direction, with the minimum number of seams."  I am guessing that "nap" will need explanation.  And this creates the possibility of two solutions ... the nap could run from left to right in the diagram or it could run from top to bottom.  Thus my revision, is which way costs less?  Let's save money! 
Use the information given in the problem to determine the cost of the carpet if installed from left to right.  Also determine the cost of the carpet if installed from top to bottom (as in the drawing below).  Which installation will save Lesa money?  Would one way be more wasteful than the other?

A second revision might be to question Lesa's choice of indoor/outdoor carpet (ugh!) and suggest that students find an appropriate alternative and determine the cost.  The teacher could provide links to websites for flooring choices like this one. This revision could be combined that with their English class' assignment to create a persuasive argument for a specific flooring.   (If time is limited, and research not desirable, the teacher could provide costs for alternative flooring).

Additional revisions could include students measuring rooms in their own homes, bringing in the layout drawn to scale, and determining the cost of flooring.  Students could research flooring costs in their area, choose their own style, and determine the total cost.

Even though I don't expect to use a problem like this next year, I like the challenge of thinking about revision.  I even went on an Internet scavenger hunt this morning for a project in which students plan their first apartment.  I know such a project exists ... I had created one many years back but today I didn't find any links to share.

How are you revising this problem?  And if not this one, what problem are you revising?

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