Sunday, June 23, 2013

Graph Stories

In our Algebra 1 curriculum we focus on graphs, analyzing graphs, identifying domain, range, independent/dependent variables, continuous vs discrete, and interpreting the meaning of graphs.

We try to give students as many different opportunities creating graph stories as we can.  Two resources I use are Annenberg Learner Teaching Math module on representing mathematical stories and Dan Meyer's Graphing Stories.  Illuminations also has a very open-ended activity in which students roll dice to get coordinates, connect those coordinates, and then create stories that go with the graphs.  I recently found the Mars Shell Center unit on interpreting distance-time graphs; it will be useful for extra practice next year.

I've created a practice activity for students that could be used as homework or as a formative assessment activity.  <It's no longer available.>

How do you provide reinforcing practice?

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