Sunday, March 3, 2013

Stations - work in progress

I'm so glad that the topic this week is stations.  I don't use them enough ... so I want to get more ideas.

In tomorrow's lesson, students are going to complete 4 activities.  We are wrapping up a unit; there is no new information being presented tomorrow.  It would have been the perfect day for stations ... but currently in my head I don't have the activities set up that way.   Students will ...

  • Take a quiz on data collection and quadratics.  I'll provide the data ... they will analyze.
  • Complete a practice activity on transforming quadratics.  I have a set of equations - they will describe the changes as compared to the quadratic parent function.
  • Complete an activity in which they analyze a parabola within a particular context (our unit is on characteristics of quadratics)
  • Finish the study guide for the test (we've done half of the study guide).
The day would have worked in stations ... but instead of trying to revamp this lesson, I will plan stations for Friday.  (We are on an A/B day schedule ... so Monday/Tuesday is the outline above; Wednesday/Thursday is the test).  While the work above is plain ol' practice, students will get to work with partners; I'll also post answer keys in the front of the room so that I am free to roam and help.  Students know my one rule is to check work with the keys without a pencil in hand.  For my teens there is too much temptation to change answers :)

Friday is our last day before spring break (whew - so ready!).  Students will be completing a spiral review that day.  Topics will include solving equations; something to do with lines (maybe writing equations; maybe analyzing linear functions in context); and systems of equations.  

As I'm reading the posts on stations, I'm thinking about how I could best pull together the activities for Friday.  I'll definitely be cutting up some already prepared worksheet type activities!  I hope to also use a computer station (Manga High).  I may also have an algebra tiles station.

This is the beginning of Friday's stations ...

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