Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Gifts exchanged

smile file

So ... I've written in the past about difficult days ... time to even up the score!  Will try to report a "smile file" thought often!

We are giving exams.  The algebra teachers decided we would give students an "instant" retake during the exam period.  As students finish their exam, we check their work, and give them an opportunity to correct their mistakes!  It's the holiday season and this seems like such an appropriate gift to our students!  The gift has been generous ... and the results have been spectacular!  I'm so proud of my students and their excellent work on the exam.

Yesterday and today I received a few gifts from students ... cookies, fudge, a Starbucks card.  I remember days when I worked in a wealthy area that I was embarrassed by the gifts given in school.  Here ... in a different setting ... these gifts given from the heart are priceless!


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