Friday, November 2, 2012

"can't do without" tools

As soon as I decide what my "favorite Friday" topic is I find out that others have already posted those same things!  So today ... doesn't matter ... I'm posting my "copycat" post!

The first tool I can't do without is the Windows 7 Snipping Tool!  I use it nearly everyday!  I find just the right graph online, or need just a small section of a worksheet, or want to include just a few words from a post ... the Snipping Tool makes all of that possible!  So easy!

The second tool I want to mention is the pdf to word converter.  I often find ideas, work that others have created and shared online ... that have great bones ... and make a wonderful starting place.  BUT that work is posted in pdf format.  I don't have fancy software.  Love working with simple tools.  So I really like the pdf to word converter ... documents appear in my email at just the right moment!

The third tool I use in class often I already mentioned in a blog ... it is the instant online classroom!  I use the random name generator and the group maker quite often!

Our school recently purchased Kuta software ... I don't use it a lot ... but for basic practice it is a good resource.  I like their logo ... "no fluff, no jargon, just math."  If I need 5, 10, 15 plain "naked" math problems, it's the place to go!

Well ... one more tool ... an old algebra book ... copyright 1986.  It has great ideas for routine practice!


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