Friday, September 21, 2012

Super Tool - random group generator

My new favorite tool is the website "Super Teacher Tools!"  at

The other day we were working in class ... I needed to put students in groups in a hurry.  I called out names, you know, these four I want you to work together, and so on.  But at the end of doing so ... several students were lost.  "Who did you tell me to work with?"  The time lost was minimal but even that small amount of chaos was unacceptable.

Enter ... Super Teacher Tools!  Simply type in your students' names to make class lists.  It took me less than 30 minutes to type in all 6 classes.  Now I simply click a button and voila!  The program sorts students in to random groups ... and the posting can be on the screen.  Everyone can see what group they are assigned to!

Besides that, the program has a random student generator.  So if I am not using computer for displaying assignments or work, I can use it to select students randomly during class for maximum participation - a good alternative to the popsicle stick option!

There are game templates at the site also ... I haven't explored those yet.  Hopefully there will be time this weekend to create a review game for our equations unit!

I am always looking for online tools to simplify my work.  If you know of one ... please share!

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