Saturday, September 8, 2012

Sunday Funday Team Review Game


Team Review

I found this game at this site:

I haven't used it yet ... but I plan to do so in our next unit.  I like the game because it involves all students all the time, and it is also possible to use ready-made worksheets to create the game.  There are times when creating materials is more than I have time for!

Group activity  /  Groups of 3 - 4 students  /  Suitable for single topics, units, or whole course reviews  /  15-30 min

Overview - Groups of 3 - 4 students will race to see which can first correctly answer all of the questions on their worksheet.

Planning - Create a worksheet that has six questions on it. Print 30 different versions, each with an answer sheet and with a version ID number. Separate the answer keys and the worksheets.  (You can cut up textbook workbook pages for this activity or create your own problem sets.)

Classroom Setup - Divide the class into groups of 3 – 4 students. Have them move their desks together. Ask each group to choose a name. Write these names on the board and use them to keep score. Ask each group to choose a runner. The runner is the student who will bring the group's answers to you.  (The job of runner could rotate in the group.  The other job responsibilities could be recorder, analyst (checking work), and task manager (keeping the team on task).

Play - Give each group a worksheet. They must correctly answer each question on the worksheet as quickly as they can. They can divide the questions any way they wish. All of the answers must be written on the paper you gave them. When they have solved all of the questions and written the answers on the paper, the runner brings the paper to you. Check the answers, stopping as soon as you find one that is wrong. Give the paper back to the runner and tell them which question was wrong (Note: there might be other questions that are wrong that you didn't get to check yet.) The first group to get all of their questions correct wins three points. The second place team wins two points. If a team submits wrong answers three times then they are disqualified from that round. Once the first two teams are done, stop the round, record the points on the board and begin a new round.

To maintain discipline, tell the class that if a group is too loud, then all of the other groups will be given one point.

Reward the winning team (I keep a big bag of Jolly Ranchers for rewards).

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